Chair Opinion Ciatti Mammamia Punk
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
Mammamia Punk by Opinion Ciatti has been designed by Lapo Ciatti. Mammamia also comes in a fashionable attire. Only for the bold! Dotted with 398 studs that are applied exclusively by hand, Mammamia Punk is a special edition by Lapo Ciatti of the Mammamia chair and, like the original version, it has a die-cast aluminium shell and galvanised metal frame. Presented in 2013, the year in which the entire world paid tribute to punk culture, also thanks to the prestigious exhibition presented in the Metropolitan Museum in New York, Mammamia Punk is a chair that aims to escape definition, be unconventional, with a strong and bold character, in line with the movement which it proudly recalls in its name. Available in an indoor version, like the other seats in this range it is highly personalizable
Chair Opinion Ciatti Mammamia Diamond
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
Mammamia Diamond by Opinion Ciatti has been designed by Lapo Ciatti. Mammamia knows how to be chic, very chic, incredibly chic. Mammamia Diamond is definitely the most sophisticated chair in the Mammamia range and stems from the co-operation between Opinion Ciatti and Swarovski, the leading company worldwide for crystals. The backrest is indeed embellished with 398 manually applied Swarovski elements, that provide a brilliant and refined allure to the chair. The chair has a die-cast aluminium shell and galvanized metal frame and is available in the indoor version.Enormous care has been attached, also in this version, to personalization options: in addition to the black and white varnished versions, Mammamia Diamond can be embellished with silver, gold, copper or black leaf, or presented in
Chair Opinion Ciatti Mammamia Leather
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
Mammamia Leather is the leather-coated version of Mammamia, the chair designed by Marcello Ziliani, whose myriad of versions never cease to astonish. The sinuous and elongated lines coated in the softest leather turn Mammamia Leather into a chair that with its gracefulness can embellish any environment, from a sitting room to a bedroom, from a hotel lounge to the most refined restaurant.Because it is highly personalisable, it will adapt perfectly to the most diverse contexts. Available not only in the total white or total black versions, or with the option of a matt brown varnished frame – combined with vintage-effect cow’s leather in the colors leather, chocolate or coal. Certified by CATAS as a guarantee of its durability and safety, it is available with or without armrests.
Pouf Opinion Ciatti Guelfo
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
Guelfo by Opinion Ciatti has been designed by Lapo Ciatti. A cozy and comfortable bucket seat, a reassuring form with absolutely contemporary details; these are the main features of the Guelfo collection. Guelfo wingback chair and pouf were launched in 2015 with the aim to give a new, refined and innovative (sometimes ironic) style to the 18th century French archetype and like all the other pieces presented that year, they find source of inspiration in the Middle Ages and in the process of overcoming common knowledge. So we can find on the one hand the name Guelfo as an homage to one of the two opposite factions which during the Medieval times built the culture and history of the city of Florence, while on the other hand the ironic use of aesthetic standard of the past, here contamined and
Armchair Opinion Ciatti B.tri
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
B.tri by Opinion Ciatti has been designed by Bruno Rainaldi. One or three? B.Tri like Be Three (literally "being three") is Bruno Rainaldi's destructed armchair conceived to be ready to accommodate a single person and at the same to time, also to be used as an unconventional sitting place, sharing the space with the other participants. This armchair it is composed by three cylinders of different height connected together from one base, and it can be coated in KVADRAT fresh cotton or warm wool, but also soft leather, according to preferences. Original and versatile, thanks to its shape it can be used for relax, reading or working. Its eccentric yet simple design makes B.tri perfect for contemporary-style environments, but it can also become a touch of innovation within more traditional cont
Pouf Opinion Ciatti Love
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
Love by Opinion Ciatti has been designed by Joel Escalona. Love is an iconic and scenographic padded chair: designed by Joel Escalona, it evokes the works of the masters of pop art Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. A comfortable heart, an ironic pouf that add warmth whichever environment it is placed in. It creates an atmosphere in the bedroom, provides informality to an entrance, adds an alternative touch to an austere sitting room, decorates a teenager’s bedroom, but also gives originality to formal environments thanks to its bubbly personality and its simple but evocative shape. Made in soft polyurethane foam, the Love pouf is coated in completely removable black or red KVADRAT fabric. Enough words, Love is all you need. Because when it comes to your heart, you don’t need too many words
Folding chair Opinion Ciatti Con.Fort
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
Foldable and light, with an adjustable back, Con.Fort is a contemporary reinterpretation of one of the industrial era’s first work chairs. If, as maintained by Maurizio Galante “We spend more time in the company of our chair than what we spend with the person we love”, choosing a chair becomes a crucial choice, and must be comfortable and easy to use, whatever the situation. This is how Con.Fort (in French, obviously!) was conceived: as said, it is an aluminium folding chair, which is easily manageable – indeed a must – but also able to arouse a feeling of wellbeing thanks to its comfortable seat and the care for details. Folding chair in aluminium with tilting back rest. Indoor/outdoor use.
Stool Opinion Ciatti Tab.u
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
Tab.u by Opinion Ciatti has been designed by Bruno Rainaldi. Take a wooden frame, cover it in aluminium and then work its surface, "scrunch” it by hand to achieve a crimpled profile. This is the process at the core of the Tab.u Collection, stools and tables with absolutely distinctive lines. The low Tab.u stool, the firstborn in the family, is a really versatile object. It is perfect in any environment and for all uses: around the table for an unexpected guest, in the bathroom to rest objects or towels, in the living room when there is no more room on the sofa or in the bedroom instead of the usual bedside table. Its elder brother, Big Tab.u is a traditional tall bar stool. It is stunning around a counter or a kitchen island, both at home or in the most glamorous clubs. Available in a go
Coffee table Opinion Ciatti Tab.ulino
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
Tab.u by Opinion Ciatti has been designed by Bruno Rainaldi. Take a wooden frame, cover it in aluminium and then work its surface, ”scrunch” it by hand to achieve a crimpled profile. This is the process at the core of Tab.ulino and Tab.ulone, as well as all the Tab.u Collection, stools and tables with absolutely distinctive lines. Tab.ulino and Tab.ulone, are tables on wheels embellished by mirror-effect crystal tops that amplify the shine coming from the frame, chrome or gold according the to desired finish. They feel at ease in the most contemporary spaces but can provide a touch of refinement to more conventional environments.
Stool Opinion Ciatti Mammamia Stool
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
Mammamia Stool is the height-adjustable stool version of the more famous Mammamia chair. A captivating and sinuous design, and a light frame: Mammamia stool is the perfect solution for public and private spaces alike. Its extreme versatility in terms of available finishes means that it will adapt to any environment: the chrome-metal frame and base can be matched with a shell that can be varnished with one of the 213 colours in the RAL Classic folder, supplied in the extra glossy aluminium mirror/chrome effect or padded and covered in vintage-effect cow’s leather (in the colours leather, chocolate or coal). The Mammamia Stool is certified by CATAS as a guarantee of its durability and safety.

Bookcase Opinion Ciatti Uptown H 117 cm
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
Uptown by Opinion Ciatti has been designed by Lapo Ciatti. A sculptural language, a gritty style for Uptown, the library system designed by Lapo Ciatti and inspired by the urban landscapes of the great modern cities.Essential lines and geometric shapes, Uptown is like a skyscraper in a big metropolis. Available in 4 heights, it offers flexibility that has only one limit, creativity! In fact, the individual modules can be moved, overlapped, tilted, 4 elements to obtain a multitude of combinations of shapes. Made of MDF, these vertical containers give fresh air to all types of environments from younger to more austere; living rooms, because they do not even in the bathroom, thanks to the contained depth they can be the solution also suitable for the most complicated spaces such as corridors
Bookcase Opinion Ciatti Ptolomeo Art H 160 cm
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
Ptolomeo Art by Opinion Ciatti has been designed by Bruno Rainaldi. Ptolomeo grows, evolves, multiplies and extends! Ptolomeo Art is the last born in the Ptolomeo family and the XL version of the famous bookcase, indeed thanks to its generous size can contain magazines, large format books, catalogues or art volumes. Composed of an essential lacquered metal column, it differs from other versions of Ptolomeo’s collection for the increased dimensions of the shelves and the base, with a solid and balanced structure to ensure stability even when full. With its simple and linear shapes, it has a pure and minimalist design. Available in two heights and six combinations of finishes, it perfectly integrates into every room, the living area or the night zone of the house, in classic or contemporar