Ceiling lamps

Ceiling lamp - Floor lamp Catellani & Smith Sorry Giotto 9 - Ø 90 cm
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
Ceiling lamp - Floor lamp with circle a hand-painted blue copper, include LED 12W (2700°K): 1200 Im.  Enzo Catellani was inspired by the perfection of the Giotto's circle, and has inserted high-power LED on the back, painted by hand, creating an amazing effect. It is not easy to combine the aesthetics of simplicity, but the experiment is definitely successful: Sorry Giotto models are true light sculptures that bring to mind with respect and irony, the famous painter and architect from Florence. Sorry Giotto 9 has received the prestigious Wall Paper Design Award for the Best Domestic Design section.
Wall lamp / Ceiling lamp Catellani & Smith Light Stick CW
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
Elegant and minimalist, Light stick is a clever lamp, which is transformed in your way into ceiling light or into wall lamp. LED white offer a lighting at once strong and indirect, because the light is spread in the direction of the wall or of the ceiling. Ideal to illuminate a lounge, an entrance or a corridor, Light stick can also be settled on the wall to emphasize your paintings and favorite photos. The extreme simplicity and the geometrical purity of the shape allow this lamp to adapt itself to several applications, as well in the private spaces as the public areas.
Wall lamp / Ceiling lamp Catellani & Smith Full Moon 50
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
The wall lamp Full Moon 50 by Catellani & Smith composed with aluminium disc and nickel-plated copper sticks. The lamp's reflector is a hand-made disc which diffuses the indirect light, available in gold, silver and white. Because of the way it is created every single lamp from this series is one of a kind.
Ceiling lamp Catellani & Smith Lucenera 206
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
Lucenera was developed from a simple concept: taking the limelight off the lamp and giving centre stage to the light, depending on the subject illuminated. To achieve this, Enzo Catellani used a black carbon tube and flexible support.The shape is the simplest one possible; the object is the utmost in versatility. Lucenera 206 by Catellani & Smith is a ceiling lamp from the basic design: a light element that is suitable for many uses.
Wall lamp / Ceiling lamp Catellani & Smith Luna Piena 80/120 cm
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
The Luna Piena emits a soft, indirect light. The disc made of aluminium is floodlit by an illuminant and then reflects indirect light into the room. The illuminant is attached to the end of the flexible arm. This flexible arm can be aligned in any direction desired. This means that you can vary the light incidence onto the disc and thereby influence the lighting effect. The disc is either coated with gold/silver/copper leaf. The Luna Piena available in two sizes. Thanks to its indirect lighting effect, the Luna Piena is very well suited for an atmospheric illumination of the walls. It is not only a light fixture but also a piece of art.
Ceiling lamp Catellani & Smith DiscO
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
Catellani & Smith presents the new DiscO, the ceiling lamp that reinterprets the historic ‘Disco’ halogen model, respecting its original design. The remarkable transformation carried out from a technological point of view starts from the light source, a last generation low voltage COB LED, dimmable and with high luminous efficiency, which is housed inside a semi-cylindrically shaped element, made of polished aluminium. In the previous model, this element worked as a reflector in connection with the R7s halogen source; in the new DiscO, it performs a totally different function, related to the LED lighting source, and plays a key role as an innovative – patent pending – heat sink.
The circular disc of the halogen model is replaced by an oval-shaped disc of 75x50 cm, as the name of
Ceiling lamp Catellani & Smith Lederam C150
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
Lederam is the latest evolution of Eco-Logic Light and combines LED technology with a new copper leaf finish. These small discs with their soft, warm colour enclose a next-generation mains voltage LED module, so no transformer is required and they can be easily dimmed. It is available in different combinations of colours.
Ceiling lamp Martinelli Luce Bolla
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
The Bolla ceiling lamp, designed by Elio Martinelli, is a topseller by manufacturer Martinelli Luce. The diffuser is made of opal white methacrylate that disperses soft, diffused lighting. The structure is made of anodised metal.
Ceiling lamp / Wall lamp Martinelli Luce Corona
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
The Corona by Martinelli Luce has been designed by Emiliana Martinelli. Wall or ceiling lamp with metal painted in white structure and white opal methacrylate diffuser, central iridescent finishing methacrylate disk. Complete with electronic driver dimmable inside the body lamp.