Spotlights with led light

Track system Martinelli Luce Barra ZK
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
The Barra ZK by Martinelli Luce has been designed by Elio Martinelli. Bearing bar in anodized aluminium with brackets to fasten to ceiling, formed by a tubular section that allows the passage of cables through holes, connected with spacers to a profile, that allows the junction of the fixture with a clamp.
Spotlight for track system Fabbian Beluga Steel D57 J03 15
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
A minimalist design. Completely made in chrome-plated metal, the spotlight for track system Beluga has a swivelling diffuser. Very functional the light can be directed to steer the luminous flow according to your needs. The extreme simplicity and the geometrical purity of this lamp allows the Beluga to be used in any area.
Spotlight for track system Fabbian Claque F43 J01 02
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
This lamp series is inspired to the theatrical world, where the artists on stage are followed by lights that highlight their performances. In this context, the light becomes the star, by dramatizing or lightening a scene, and creating rhythm or suspense. In the same way, this ceiling light collection directs the light toward the element to be highlighted, illuminating the rest of the environment with a reflected beam. Just as the “Claque”, the people paid to applaud or whistle, who can determine the enlightenment, or success, of a play. Spotlight for track system with white painted aluminium structure and black painted aluminium detail. Diffuser adjustable 360 degrees.
Spotlight for track system Fabbian Freeline F44 L01 02
Delivery time 4/5 weeks
The idea behind Freeline is the need to reinvent light. Traditionally, the lighting - and thus furnishing - of a room has always been determined, and limited, by the position of the lighting point. Freeline overcomes this obstacle, allowing to start from the aesthetic design, and then choosing the lighting last. This modular system allows to create innovative shapes, independent from the lighting point position. In this context, the lighting becomes a strong decorative, yet functional element: the light is placed in the most fitting position, and it can also be moved at a later time. Spotlight for track system with black aluminium spotlight. Each lighting point feature a Led source with cable, hidden within the bar.