About us


In 2023 we celebrates its forty anniversary. Forty years of success for a company born and raised in Italy and is currently operative in Europe and in the rest of the World.

We have a passion for design, at the center of our business and we use the most innovative technologies. We have created in Italy, the first e-commerce of design "Made In Italy", with the will, to make available to everyone anywhere, items conceived and designed by the most famous designers. It is mainly the result of the founder's passion for the design

The idea and strategy are revolutionary: make design accessible to everyone and everywhere, proposing a very large catalog of products from the main manufacturers, inside a philosophy that respects the work of the designers.

The competition regularly accepted, lies in the continuous search of new services dedicated to customer.
This is demonstrated by the continuous evolutions and updates of the website PROGARR.com offering an increasing number of services connected at sale and disclosure of the culture of design: the descriptions comprehensive of the product and the designers, newsletters and service of consultancy and interior design. The primary concern, is the ability to to offer our customers a privileged relationship, maximum availability, and personalized service.

The idea of beauty and taste for research, combined at the care and attention to detail are our guidelines. Our mission is to support the authentic design, for the dissemination of original ideas. On PROGARR.com not only the classics, also emerging designers, products original and unusual objects.

We are fans of contemporary design, expressed, even in its most original shade, and far from ordinary recreations of best-seller. We we have done an RESEARCH of the product equipped, of design quality and capable yet, despite the years of EXCITE US

They are classic or new, all our products, have fundamental characteristics in common: high quality, innovative design and original manufacturers.
One of our objectives is also the highest quality of service provided through our Customer Service. A customer happy and satisfied is the biggest reward for our work.

Since the opening of our online shop, we have served thousands of customers and with to our great satisfaction many are back to visit us again

The first store has been founded in 1983 in Italy and quickly established itself as  favorite among buyers of design.

We have worked to improve the work of architects and interior designers, and providing tools which optimize time and resources.

PROGARR.com is the dedicated to design in every aspect. Tradition and innovation merge. This is the philosophy put forth by PROGARR.com, a laboratory of ideas, styles, thoughts, interpreter and exporter of the DESIGN Made in Italy in the world.

We are a reality ".com" that operates online: an online marketplace but with real benefits, in terms of offering, quality and price. The site is constantly updated and PROGARR.com in constantly evolving: the years of experience made it possible significant improvements in technology, allowing visitors a navigation fast, easy, nice and intuitive.

The passion for furniture and design, the geographical proximity at the best Italian manufacturers, the experience in selling on the Web for over 9 years represent our strengths, and guarantee safety and professionality in every purchase.

Now we are a dealer of successful multi-channel independent, with an online offer, that shows more than 10,000 original products.

Authenticity is something that we are proud to offer. If you visite our showroom, you will not see a signpost "Do not touch". We invite you to touch, see, or participate at design events. Live the experience here, on PROGARR.com and naturally, you can always call, chat live and write!

Thank you for purchases made until now! If you have something in mind, you just need to let us know. We are happy to be always at your disposal.