Bottle Venini Bolle 503.01

Venini "Bolle" bottles has been one of the classic designs from Venini since the line was conceived in 1966. In the meantime, the "Bolle" bottles can be admired in art museums around the world. Finnish artist Tapio Wirkkala conceived the original design. He came across the long-forgotten Incalmo technique when working with Venini. Incalmo is Italian for fusion and describes the process during which two glass elements of the same diameter but different colours are fused together while in liquid form. This process can be repeated any number of times and makes it possible to create glass objects of different coloured rings. A raised element is purposely left at the base of each bottle. This represents the bouncing of a drop of water and is a clear example of the skilled handcraftsmanship of the Venetian glass blowers.

Material: Glass
Dimensions: Ø 10 x H 34.5 cm / Ø 3.93" x H 13.58"

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