Canopy for track system Fabbian Freeline F44 M01 02

The idea behind Freeline is the need to reinvent light. Traditionally, the lighting - and thus furnishing - of a room has always been determined, and limited, by the position of the lighting point. Freeline overcomes this obstacle, allowing to start from the aesthetic design, and then choosing the lighting last. This modular system allows to create innovative shapes, independent from the lighting point position. In this context, the lighting becomes a strong decorative, yet functional element: the light is placed in the most fitting position, and it can also be moved at a later time.

Canopy for track system with 60W dimmable electronic driver
Material: Aluminium
Dimensions: W 32.5 x D 6.5 x H 4.6 cm / W 12.80” x D 2.56” x H 1.81”

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