Ceiling lamp Fabbian Cubetto D28 E03 02

To create this impressive collection "Cubetto", the Pamio Design studio had to "dig deep down" to find the most important natural element of all, water, and then study it in its most fascinating form: ice. To recreate this substance at its best, the natural choice of material was crystal that conveys a sense of simplicity, elegance and perfection better than any other. A great amount of attention and skill was dedicated to the production of this material and involved three major phases: the preparation of the vitreous paste, the moulding and finally the cleaning phase. The substances used to make the paste were chosen to obtain the highest quality possible. Ceiling lamp with glass diffusers made of black paste sandblasted inside, with polished chrome-plated metal structure.

Ceiling lamp
Bulbs (not included): GU10 3 x 50W HAGS/UB or GU10 3 x 5.5W
Material: Crystal glass - Metal
Dimensions: W 56 x D 8 x H 9 cm / W 22.05” x D 3.15” x H 3.54”

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