Coffee table Fermob Happy Hours

With Happy Hours, Fermob has sought to make life easier for you by creating a particularly useful metal coffee table: a removable top for serving guests and a low shelf capable of holding up to six bottles. Ideal as a piece of occasional furniture, the pedestal table is discreet in size, but also clever and ultra-functional. It boasts a bottle-shaped form (a nod to the brand’s home region of Beaujolais). Its original design and practicality make it an ideal companion for happy hour! It will easily find a place in your garden, on the patio or by the pool. It’s lightweight, so can be moved very easily. This piece of furniture perfectly encapsulates the brand’s know-how – wire work, assembly, cutting and welding.

Coffee table
Material: Steel - Aluminium
Dimensions: Ø 44 x H 64 cm / Ø 17.32” x H 25.20”

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