Flowerpot Serralunga Cubotti Deep

Cubotti Deep are plant pots that fit into the category of outdoor patio furniture for your garden décor. A cubic pot, also available in tall versions, with a basic shape and a micro-dotted surface, suitable for decorating modern and sophisticated environments. Slightly raised from the ground, it can be used for direct planting, as a cache-pot and for hydroponics. Flowerpot in rotation-moulded PE (linear polyethylene). UV protection. 100% recyclable.

Material: Polyethylene
W 18 x D 18 x H 16 cm / W 7.09" x D 7.09" x H 6.30"
W 37 x D 37 x H 33 cm / W 14.57" x D 14.57" x H 12.99"
W 50 x D 50 x H 44 cm / W 19.69" x D 19.69" x H 17.32"
W 72 x D 72 x H 61.5 cm / W 28.35" x D 28.35" x H 24.21"

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