Low armchair Fermob Surprising

Surprising is an armchair fun and practical just like Fermob. It was designed by Harald Guggenbichler, and shares some of the designer jokiness of Flower, which Surprising Lounger seems such a natural addition to. The same sleek lines, with fine, light slats. And it has the same quirky, smiling elegance. Here is the same comfortable Surprising Lounger, just without the footrest! It is made of steel and has a Cataphoresis finish, which is a very high protection treatment that makes it good for outdoor use. Fermob offers a range of innovative and comfortable furniture, in various shapes and sizes which let one's imagination run wild and encourage numerous creative ideas for decoration, as the furniture is available in a multitude of colours.

Low armchair
Material: Steel
Dimensions: W 62 x D 72 x H 70 cm / W 24.41” x D 28.35” x H 27.56”

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