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Mirror Opinion Ciatti Tab.u mirror

The thick frame of this mirror that recalls the effect of creased paper or aluminium foil, will fell like to touch it! The shimmering surface of Tab.u mirror gives an impression to be soft and extremely malleable, but to the touch it reveals its true nature of solid aluminium carved by hand. The mirrors of the Tab.u collection, like all the other items included in the collection (the famous stools, as well as the hanging lamps and the tables) are pieces that get noticed also thanks to the finishes in which they are made - chrome aluminum and mirrored gold. Those mirrors can give a unique touch to the most anonymous environments, no matter if classic or modern. They are suitable for all the spaces, from the entrance to the living room, the bedroom or the bathroom, and also in a walk-in closet.

Material: Aluminium
Dimensions: W 50 x D 8 x H 50 cm / W 19.69” x D 3.15” x H 19.69”

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