Pendant lamp Fabbian Oru F25 A07 41

The Oru Collection was originally designed for the ICFF Studio/Bernhardt design competition for ICFF 2012. In doing so, we wanted to create something truly unique, and not just style another piece of furniture or lighting. We have always had a true connection to the idea and mantra behind origami. There is something quite magical in taking an ordinary flat sheet of paper and forming it into something completely different yet beautiful. After many days of traditional brainstorming and concepting, we were a bit stuck with "designer's block". Whilst browsing some research imagery, I came across an image of a vessel with folded corners. I thought "Wouldn't it be really interesting to combine the cutting/ folding technique with a traditional spun metal shape?" All our eyes immediately widened as we knew this was the right direction. It seemed like one of those ideas that come to you while you are in the shower or you just wake up with a light bulb above your head. A true "aha" moment! At ICFF 2012 we had the pleasure of first meeting Mr. Fabbian and his staff. After some consideration of a number of manufacturers both in the USA and Asia, we felt the level of quality and prestige could not be matched to the Italian. We were very impressed by Fabbian's existing product line and thought the Oru Lamp Series would be a perfect fit. The manufacturing techniques and shapes were something that we thought could also fill a niche for Fabbian. The new collection of Oru lamps reflects an original interpretation of metal. “The peculiarity of the Oru lamps – explain the young New York designers of the firm “Vim & Vigor” – lies in the fact that the diffusers seem to change their shape while you walk around and observe them.” Metal lamps are generally symmetric, but Oru is not. A cutting tool is used to create a particular hole in the lampshade, which is then bent and fixed in its new form. The result is a lampshade which appears to have a typical symmetrical shape when seen from an angle, but when viewed from another, the hole and slim organic shape can be noticed. “During the brainstorming to conceive the new lighting solution – explain the designers – we wanted to pay tribute to the art of metal bending, and came up with a lampshade design which celebrates the artisan trade, but with an automatic scalability for the switch to mass production. The nuances of the spun aluminium take on a truly unique shape.” Pendant lamp with a full copper structure, burnished outside and polished internally.

Pendant lamp
Bulbs (not included): E27 3 x 150W HSGST or E27 3 x 23W FBC
Material: Metal
Dimensions: Ø 80 x H 45 cm - H Min 15 cm - Max 200 cm / Ø 31.50” x H 17.72” - H Min 5.91” - Max 78.74”

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