Rug Nanimarquina Earth Black

The rug is one the most essential components of living, which is why Nanimarquina is going back to its roots with the Earth series. The hand-woven rugs have been woven using 100% hand-spun jute and the natural material makes them especially durable. The natural material jute is also an impressive feature, thanks to its anti-static effect and high step elasticity. But even with colours, Nanimarquina is guided by natural conditions, meaning the carpets are dyed in natural earthly tones. The colours ochre, terracotta and cream underline the natural character of the natural fibre, and at the same time, provide warm accents. The warm tones of the bast fibre will give any room a pleasant atmosphere. Whether rustic or modern, this simple addition to the home can fit into every living style. Due to the natural material and handmade production, every product is absolutely unique. Discrepancies in material and colour – in comparison with the photographic image – cannot therefore be ruled out. They emphasise the natural character and verify that every product has been made by hand. Nanimarquina also takes care to ensure that no child labour is involved in the manufacturing process.

Material: 100% Jute
W 170 x D 240 x H 1.6 cm / W 66.93" x D 94.49" x H 0.63"
W 200 x D 300 x H 1.6 cm / W 78.74" x D 118.11" x H 0.63"
W 300 x D 400 x H 1.6 cm / W 118.11" x D 157.48" x H 0.63"

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