Sideboard Pianca Grafica - W 240 cm / W 94.49"

Refined and adaptable, the Grafica sideboard ideally complements the living room or bedroom is an ideal complement for both living room or bedroom. It is available in a number of compositions and a wide range of finishes to meet the most diverse needs. The collection includes compositions with drawers, modules with hinged or flap doors and two different openings: with handle or push-pull mechanism. The elegant base with its distinctive, L-shaped profile, is the characteristic that makes this product unique.

The structure is made of 1.8 cm thick wood particle panels with coating
- Matt Lacquered synthetic material on the outside and inside.
- Synthetic material inside and wood veneer painted outside in Essenza finishes.
- Brushed glossy synthetic material on the outside and matt lacquered inside.
- Synthetic material Materico outside and inside (White, Ash, Silk, Alaska and Corsica).

The backs are made with 0.4 cm thick medium density panels covered with synthetic finishing of the structure on the inside and in a medium gray finish on the outside.
Internal shelves in transparent non-tempered glass 0.6 cm thick.
Tops are made of 1.4 cm thick particle board panels.
- With internal and external cladding with wood veneer in Essenza finishes.
- With coating in synthetic material painted in Matt Lacquered and Brushed Glossy finishes.
- With synthetic material covering in Materico finishes.

Hinged door
- Zippered opening with covers and straight base.
- Adjustable in height, width and depth.
- Soft closing.

Wooden doors and drawers: 2.2 cm thick, they are made with coated wood particle panels.
- With wood veneer varnished in the Essences.
- With synthetic ennobling painted in Matt Lacquered and Brushed Glossy finishes.
- With synthetic material in Materico Bianco, Cenere and Seta finish.
- With synthetic material with wood-effect pore in Materico Alaska and Materico Corsica finish.

Compound doors and drawers: 2.2 cm thick, they are made with a 1.8 cm thick rear panel wood particles coated with synthetic finishing painted to which it is glued directly without any frame.
- Matt and Glossy Lacquered Glass 0.4 cm thick.
- Metallized Glass 0.4 cm thick.
- Mirror 0.4 cm thick.
- Marble glass 0.4 cm thick.
- Supported stone 0.4 cm thick.

Handles and opening
- The long Y handle is milled into the upper edge of the wood front of the same length, recessed by 3 cm on both sides.

Material: Wood - Metal - Glass - Mirror - Stone - Marble
W 240 x D 35 x H 82 cm / W 94.49" x D 13.78" x H 32.28"
W 240 x D 45 x H 82 cm / W 94.49" x D 17.72" x H 32.28"

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