Sideboard Pianca Logos - W 240 cm / W 94.49"

There is a new prestigious collaboration with the Calvi Brambilla studio, a well-known duo who need no introductions. Their wealth of experience as architects and designers,combined with Pianca’s expertise and philosophy, is introducing exciting new ideas into the collection. The Calvi Brambilla-designed products that Pianca will be showcasing at the trade fair, include Logos, a family of containers for the bedroom area. The front part of the modules is a composition of offset, overlaid inter-communicating elements, an homage to artist and designer Bruno Munari, who conducted a lengthy study of the spatial effects deriving from placing coloured surfaces together. Contrasting colours can be used on the outside and inside surface, combining to create different looks that can range from playful to elegant according to individual tastes. The unusual geometry of the surfaces allows you to grab the square in your hands in order to enter into it, in an ongoing interaction between two and three dimensional spaces.

The structure and external fronts are made of 1.8 cm thick wood particle panels with
- Covering and edges in matt lacquered synthetic material on both sides.
- Brushed glossy synthetic material lining and edges on both sides.
- Covering and edges with wood veneer painted on both sides in Essenza finishes. The edges of the external fronts that delimit the internal fronts are lacquered with a wood effect.

The 1.8 cm thick base and the 3.5 cm thick internal dividers are made with wood particle panels with
- Covering and edges in matt lacquered synthetic material.
- Upholstery and edges in wood-effect synthetic material in Essenza finishes.

The structure is retrofitted, for use also in the center of the room.
The internal fronts are made with a stratified sheet of plastic and aluminum
- Matt Lacquered and Brushed Glossy varnished on both sides.
- Covered with wood veneer in Essenza finishes on both sides.

The tops always have the same finish as the internal fronts and are made with particle board panels with
- Covering and edges in matt lacquered and brushed glossy synthetic material, with the internal side always matt lacquered.
- Covering and edges with Essenza wood veneer, with internal side in wood-effect synthetic material.

The metallic decoration applied to the front is available in Matt and Glossy Metal finish.
The internal shelves are made of clear tempered lead glass 0.8 cm thick.

- Frame made of 1.4 cm thick wood particle panels covered with Silver synthetic finishing.
- Reinforced bottom made of 0.5 cm thick mdf lacquered in Lead.
- Silent system retractable guides with anti-release lock, vertical adjustment.
- Standard total extraction.

Hinged door
- Zippered opening with covers and straight base.
- Adjustable in height, width and depth.
- Soft closing.

- Concealed inserted in the base.
- They keep the module raised from the floor by 1.35 cm.
- Allow a height adjustment of +1 cm from inside the compartment.

Material: Wood - Metal - Glass - Plastic - Aluminum
W 240 x D 45 x H 83 cm / W 94.49" x D 17.72" x H 32.68"
W 240 x D 55 x H 83 cm / W 94.49" x D 21.65" x H 32.68"

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