Storage unit Pianca Brema - W 120 cm / W 47.24"

A storage unit of many faces, Brema is all about unfussy lines and formal elegance while giving you the utmost freedom to tailor the look and function of the piece to your individual tastes. An incredible array of material, with a choice of refined belt leather handles or the more minimalist push-to-open door system, open and closed storage units make alternation of solids and spaces possible: Brema is the fantasy of those who want to model their sideboard around their personal use requirements and their individual sense of style.

The structure is made of 1.8 cm thick wood particle panels with coating
· In matt lacquered synthetic material on the outside and inside
· In synthetic material on the inside and with wood veneer painted on the outside in Essenza finishes
· In brushed glossy synthetic material outside and matt lacquer inside (the base is always matt lacquered)
· In synthetic material material outside and inside
The backs are made with 0.4 cm thick medium density panels covered with synthetic finishing of the structure on the inside and in a medium gray finish on the outside.
The internal shelves are in transparent non-tempered glass 0.6 cm thick.

The tops are made of 0.4 cm thick particle board panels
· With internal and external cladding with wood veneer in Essenza finishes
· With synthetic material coating painted in Matt Lacquered and Brushed Glossy finishes
· With synthetic material covering in Materic finishes (the panels are 0.8 cm thick)

The structure of the open modules is made with 1.8 cm thick mdf panels cut at 45 ° with a solution of continuity with
· Covering and inclined edge in matt lacquered synthetic material
· Cladding with wood veneer painted on both sides and inclined front edge in wood in the Essences
The shelves and wooden dividers are made with 1.4 cm thick particle board panels with
· Covering in synthetic material painted on both sides Matt Lacquer
· Wood veneer on both sides in Essences
The backs are made with 0.4 cm thick mdf panels, in medium gray finish on the outside. They are coated on the inside with
· Matt lacquered synthetic finishing
· Wood-effect synthetic material covering in the Essences

Doors and drawers
2.2 cm thick, they are made with coated wood particle panels
· With wood veneer varnished in the Essences
· With synthetic ennobling painted in Matt Lacquered and Brushed Glossy finishes
· With synthetic material in the Materico Bianco, Cenere and Seta finish
· With synthetic material with wood-effect pore in Materico Alaska and Materico Corsica finish

The leather handle is always horizontal and is applied in a milled finish on the upper edge of the front. IS composed of a black metal support covered in leather (Moro, Nero and Siena). If not specified otherwise at the time of the order, the handle will be supplied in Black Leather. It is available in three versions: "S" 5 cm wide, "M" 11.3 cm wide and "L" 23.9 cm wide.
Push-pull: includes a system integrated in the guide for the drawer modules and a system with a wire magnet structure for the hinged and flap door modules. For correct operation, we recommend an adjustment that keep 0.3 / 0.5 cm of air between the front and the structure if drawer or 0.3 cm if doors.

Meaning of vena
In the wood fronts in Essenza and Materico Alaska and Corsica, the vein mainly follows the long side (A).
In the square doors and in the H 60 L 50 doors the grain direction is always horizontal (B).

The feet of the base are in metal
· In Metal Finishes
· Painted Matt Lacquer
The front of the base is made of wood particle panels
· Wrapped in aluminum painted in matt and glossy metal finishes.
· Wrapped in matt lacquered synthetic material
The central crosspiece is always made of matt black lacquered metal Alternatively, the sideboard can have retractable feet inserted in the base, which hold the cabinet raised from the floor by 1.35 cm and allow a height adjustment from inside the compartment of + 1 cm.

Storage unit
Material: Synthetic - Wood - Metal
W 120 x D 35 x H 112/152 cm / W 47.24" x D 13.78" x H 44.09"/59.84"
W 120 x D 45 x H 112/152 cm / W 47.24" x D 17.72" x H 44.09"/59.84"

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