Table Pianca Confluence - Round

Experimentation on metal, which has always characterized Lust’s work, encounters Pianca’s experience in woodworking, giving life to a fluid and organic structure. The steel structure is sinuous thanks to its curves, and at the same time dynamic, giving the impression of having maintained the malleable consistency of the molding process the material underwent. With a fluid movement, the steel legs converge, suppor- ting the top, which seems to levitate. Table with base made of polished titanium metal or painted with epoxy powder glossy black and white. Table made with wood panel veneered and edged in Essenza (Burgundy and Gray Oak) or in Fenix® white and black laminate.

Material: Wood - Fenix - Metal
Ø 120 x H 73 cm / Ø 47.24" x H 28.74"
Ø 140 x H 73 cm / Ø 55.12" x H 28.74"
Ø 160 x H 73 cm / Ø 62.99" x H 28.74"

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