Vase Venini Geodi 793.60

Vase Geodi with angular body designed in 2018 by Sonia Pedrazzini. Limited production of only 99 pieces. A collection of very thick vases inspired by the mineral world, by crystals and uncut gems. Like a geode that encloses wonderful crystalline conformations within, so these rounded vases with their smooth and opaque surface, are rough-hewn at the base with deep cuts and grinding revealing smooth layers of coloured glass and polychrome fringe effects.The collection includes vases of different shapes and heights, and their colours reflect those of crystal therapy; each vase has a magical meaning, a thaumaturgical power.As a result of their technical complexity, the Geodi stress the excellence of the master glassmakers and revive the Muranese tradition and the artistic heritage of Venini, making them more contemporary and topical in their exemplification of design.Geodi are blown and subsequentely handworked, milled by hand in a game of removal in order to obtain the extraordinary decorative effects they reveal.

Material: Glass
Dimensions: Ø 25 x H 44 cm / Ø 9.84" x H 17.32"

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