Vase Venini Where Are My Glasses ? Double Lens 777.52

“A very frequently asked question is “where do your ideas come from?”. The answer is “ideas are all around me – too many of them if anything – the problem is not where to find ideas but which ideas you give time to. Occasionally an idea jumps the queue and is impossible to ignore.” I spent a lot of time recently designing glasses. I spent a lot of time recently blowing glass, so the idea of blowing glass into glasses sprouted from the verbal pun into reality. An idea that jumped the queue! The process started – sketches, modelling, rendering, making iron frames and the incredible. Venini masters blowing molten glass into glasses. Not only an amazing exciting time by the furnaces, but also my favourite results – getting something better than one deserves. So, where are my glasses? Well, it’s transparent! ” says Ron Arad.

Renowned designer, Ron Arad and Italian Murano glass manufacturer, Venini present ‘Where Are My Glasses?’ a new collection of vases that combine Arad’s distinctive style with Venini’s excellence in producing the highest quality art glass. This ‘Double Lens’ variation in different color features Murano glass that is blown between the arms of the metal frames – creating a uniquely humorous and desirable piece for the home.

Material: Glass - Metal
Dimensions: Ø 20 cm / Ø 7.87"

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